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Ok.. entry terbaru pasal sailormoon..one of my fav. anime haaa.. dulu punya tergila2 pasal anime ni sampai perasan punya pasal sanggup duk mengaku yang main character adalah diri saya hahaha.. Dah lama tak tengok tiba2 tgh2 bosan duk borak2 dgn sya roomate ama tu kat fb
tiba2 teringat pasal sailormoon..dan terbuka hati nak buat entry baru pasal sailormoon. Kalau nak duk cerita from A to Z dah tak ingat sangat so copy paste saje..

The protagonist of Sailor Moon, Usagi Tsukino, lives as an ordinary middle school girl until she is found by a talking cat named Luna. Through Luna, Usagi learns that the world is about to be attacked by a Dark Kingdom that had appeared once before, long ago, and destroyed the kingdom of the moon. Her dormant powers are then awakened to defend the Earth against the coming onslaught, and she is led to a number of friends who join her in the battle.

Some of the characters
1.Usagi Tsukino
The main character of the series, called Serena in the English anime and Bunny in the English manga. Usagi, a carefree schoolgirl with an enormous capacity for love, transforms into the heroine called Sailor Moon. At the beginning of the series she is portrayed as an immature crybaby who hates having to fight evil and wants nothing more than to be a normal girl. As she progresses, however, she embraces the chance to use her power to protect those she cares about.
(my fav. character..aww she so gorgeous )

2. Ami Mizuno
A quiet bookworm in Usagi's class, called Amy in the English adaptations of the series. Highly intelligent, with a rumored IQ of 300, she can transform into Sailor Mercury, acquiring power over all phases of water. Ami's shy exterior masks a passion for knowledge and for taking care of the people around her. She hopes to become a doctor one day, like her mother, and tends to be the practical one in the group. Secretly, she is also a fan of pop culture and romance novels, and becomes embarrassed whenever this is pointed out.
( haha.. nerd... but i still can remember her character)

3. Rei Hino
An elegant miko (shrine maiden), called Raye in the English versions. Because of her work as a Shinto priestess, Rei can sense and dispel evil even in civilian form. When she transforms into Sailor Mars she can also manipulate fire. She is very serious and focused, but although easily annoyed by Usagi's flightiness, cares about her very much. Rei is portrayed as boy-crazy in the early anime, but is uninterested in romance in both the manga and live-action series. She attends a private Catholic school, separate from the other girls.
( errr.. tak berapa nak ingat characternya )

4. Makoto Kino
A tomboy who transfers into Usagi's school, called Lita in the English versions. Very tall and strong for a Japanese schoolgirl, she can transform into Sailor Jupiter, attacking with lightning and with some control over plants. Both Makoto's parents died in a plane crash years ago, so she lives alone and takes care of herself. She cultivates her physical strength as well as more domestic interests, including housekeeping, cooking, and gardening. She wants to marry young and to own a flower-and-cake shop.

( ala2 perempuan melayu terakhir gitu )

5. Minako Aino
A perky dreamer who acted on her own as Sailor V for some time. Called Mina in the English versions, she has a companion cat called Artemis who works alongside Luna in guiding the Sailor Senshi. Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love, and leads Sailor Moon's four inner guardians. She also dreams of becoming a famous singer and idol and attends auditions whenever she can. At the start of the live-action series, she is already these things, but has poor health and separates herself from the other Senshi.

( sape entah mmg x ingt dh...)
ada six main character dalam anime ni tapi mmg x larat la nk cari semua dan lagi pun dh tak ingt haha
so cari mana yang ingat saje... nice one.. teringat masa kecik2 dulu

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